My Electrical Panel Is Quite Old. Do I Need to Replace It?

The easy answer to this question is, “Perhaps.” In fact, it depends whether your panel is operating your electrical system properly. Electrical panels, or circuit breaker panels, last a long time. Yes, a breaker might fail now and then, but usually when a panel is changed entirely, it’s for other reasons.

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Why Do My Breakers Keep Tripping?

Breakers tripping can feel like a nuisance, but they are trying to tell you something. At first, you might think there is something wrong with the breaker, but this is actually the least likely cause of breakers tripping. The fact is, when breakers trip they are doing their job to protect you from harm.

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Can I Speak to An Electrician?

It’s often the case that when you call an electrical contractor you will be speaking with an actual electrician. But on the other hand, if it’s a good-size company, this is pretty unlikely. That doesn’t mean the person answering doesn’t know anything. Chances are they know quite a lot and might even be able to answer some basic questions.

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