What is a Silver Label Inspection and What’s Involved with Getting One?

Selling your mobile home? Well, this may mean that you require a Silver Label Inspection of your home before it can be sold.

by | Jun 4, 2021

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Mobile homes tend to depreciate faster than regular houses built on a foundation. They are simply more exposed to the elements. A Silver Label Inspection is designed to be sure the home is electrically safe and up to the current Canadian Electrical Code so that you can sell it to a prospective buyer with peace of mind.

The inspection itself is meant to ensure that all the wires running the electrical system in your mobile are in good condition, including fixtures and devices. Good condition means there are no cracks in the insulation of the wires that could allow electricity to leak from the wire creating a serious fire hazard. 

The regulating authority on Vancouver Island, Technical Safety BC (TSBC), provides detailed information here about what is inspected during a Silver Label Inspection.

The inspection process is fairly simple, but depending on the age and condition of your mobile, it can take several days. The electrician doing the inspection will be disconnecting every fixture and device in your home to test the wiring for leaks using what’s called a Megohm Meter. They will be visually inspecting the devices for depreciation and check on the electrical service entrance to your home, your electrical panel, the grounding system, and any wiring in buildings attached to your electrical system. This means if you have a shed with power in it, the shed wiring will also have to be inspected.

During the initial inspection, which typically takes about two days, the electrician will identify where repairs and replacements are needed. In some cases, this will also include the removal of certain items such as out-of-date heaters or AC units, extension cords, and sometimes the disconnection of outbuildings from the system.

In order to receive the Silver Label for the mobile, these repairs, replacements, and removals are mandatory in order to comply with the requirements outlined by TSBC.  the electrician will make those repairs and replacements, and do whatever is required to make your home safe, and more importantly, safe to sell to prospective buyers. 

Completing the entire process can take between two and six days depending on the condition of the mobile. The total cost of the inspection will be the total labour time, total materials used, and the total permit and inspection administration. 

But that’s not the end of it, because once the electrician has completed the inspection and submits the paperwork to TSBC, a TSBC inspector will also visit the mobile to ensure the inspection complies with the requirements. If that is the case, the inspector will place a Silver Label Inspection Sticker on the electrical panel. Occasionally though, the TSBC inspector sees something that may have been missed or overlooked and informs the electrician of what is needed to comply. The electrician will then return to complete the work identified, submit the paperwork, and when the inspection is found compliant, a label will be affixed to your panel by the TSBC inspector.

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