Light fixtures, heating systems, outlets, hood fans, exhaust fans, hot tubs, back-up generators, etc. You name it! We can install it.

by | May 13, 2021

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Lighting Installation

Replacing old light fixtures with new ones sounds easy and could be a good DIY project for some. But doing it well and efficiently isn’t easy, especially if you’re not used to lifting heavy-ish objects above your head for more than a few seconds. Let us help. We’ll get the job done right. Just call and book an appointment and we’ll be there to get your new fixtures looking bright as can be.

If you have bigger plans in mind, like adding new pot lights and fixtures, we can come by to discuss what you want and give you an estimate to make your plans a reality.

Need help deciding on fixtures? While we don’t really know your personal design style, we can help with things like LED pot lights and under-cabinet lighting, providing you with some advice about LED lighting and send you photos of a variety of lights to help you decide what would work for you. Thea will be happy to discuss your vision and work with you to find what you want.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Why is this service separate from Lighting Installation, you ask? Well, truth be told, ceiling fans can take more time to install than your average ceiling-mounted light. Some have numerous parts to put together, special supports requiring installation before the fan goes up, and unique controllers. Other fans might have labels that say things like: Easy Installation. But it’s hard to say what easy is until you open the package and read those long directions. Either way, we will be there for you when you need us. Just give us a jingle.

Hot Tub Installation

Bubbles without troubles. We can provide the electrical for your new hot tub the way you like. We have helped many homeowners with their hot tub installation, so we may be able to give you an installation cost range, based on previous installations, over the phone. A site visit might be needed though, especially if you are planning to install your hot tub far from your home’s electrical panel. In this case, we will come by for a visit, take measurements, and give you a written estimate. The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll be sitting in that warm and muscle-soothing comfort of hot water, so call now.

Backup Generator Installation

If you live in an area that experiences numerous power outages, we can help you install a backup generator system that will make it easy for you to get electricity flowing again. We understand that many of our customers work from their homes and need the power to operate computers and critical machinery, so call us to arrange for a site visit and we will provide you with an estimate for connecting your generator to your electrical system. You’ll be glad you did next winter.

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