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New builds or renovations. We can help you get the electrical service you need.

by | May 13, 2021

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Electrical Service Upgrades

Have you hit your maximum load? Need more power? No problem. We have done numerous service upgrades in our area and will be happy to come to visit to speak with you about your plans, look at what is needed, and gather the information we need both to do the job and to provide you with an estimate. To learn more and understand the process read our post What’s Involved in Completing a Service Upgrade?  Then, just give us a call and email us to arrange for an estimate.

New Services

Building a new home, carriage house, or second dwelling? Let us help you get your new electrical service. We will work with you to determine the service size you need, help you with the process, assist with your BC Hydro order, and, of course, install the new service to get you connected up. Whether your service will be overhead or underground, we will be pleased to provide you with an estimate for the work involved. Just give us a jingle to get started.

Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels can last for many years, but sometimes they begin to fail, get damaged, lack room for additions or become obsolete. Panel upgrades differ from service upgrades, in that panel upgrades do not increase the amount of power coming into your home from BC Hydro. Instead, they are done to update the panel, increase space for available breakers, replace a damaged panel, or prevent future problems. There are a few ways panel upgrades are done, each of which depends on the circumstances. Call to arrange an estimate. We will be glad to come by and see what the best approach is, then provide you with a written estimate.

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