My Electrical Panel Is Quite Old. Do I Need to Replace It?

The easy answer to this question is, “Perhaps.” In fact, it depends whether your panel is operating your electrical system properly. Electrical panels, or circuit breaker panels, last a long time. Yes, a breaker might fail now and then, but usually when a panel is changed entirely, it’s for other reasons.

by | Jun 4, 2021

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Reason No. 1 – Scotty, I need more power!

Your service amperage is no longer supplying the amount of power you need in your home. Breakers are tripping. Lights are dimming or flickering. You are beginning to think your house is haunted.

Reason No. 2 – OooooO. OooooOooooo. oooOOOOOooooo.

You are experiencing multiple and regular failures in the system. Breakers keep tripping. Breakers keep failing and require replacing. Something is awry. Maybe it’s the neutral bar. Maybe it’s the main breaker. Maybe your house is haunted. NOT! Did you know that replacing a main breaker can cost the same as replacing the panel itself? Not all the breakers of course, but the panel yes, including the main breaker. 

Reason No. 3 – 9-1-1 Emergency! Well, maybe

Your panel is decayed or has been damaged. We get a lot of this, since we work with the top restoration companies in the Comox Valley. Fires, fallen trees, water leaks. If you can name it, we have seen it…at all times of day, and night. Hence, the 24-hour service we offer for emergencies.

Reason No. 4 – 404 Error – Breaker Not Found

Your panel brand is obsolete. Think StabLok or Federal Pioneer. Breakers are so hard to find, when it does have a problem, you and your electrician can’t find the parts to repair it. See Do I need to replace my obsolete StabLok electrical panels and breakers? (link to other this post)

The time to replace your electrical panel can actually be a combination of these reasons. But the most common is Reason No. 1. The output just isn’t high enough to supply for your home’s electrical needs. This means you need a Service Upgrade. See What’s Involved in Completing a Service Upgrade? (link to this post) for more information and Why Do I Have to Replace My Electrical Panel When I Upgrade My Service? (link to this story) for more excellent and highly detailed information. #UPGRADESAREOURSUPERPOWER

No matter what the reason is, we’ll be happy to help you. Just get in touch with us. See the bottom of this post for our contact information.

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