Why Are My Fluorescent Lights Still Not Working After I Changed the Bulbs?

Ever heard of a Ballast? I know, it’s an odd word. What is it? Well, basically it is a power regulator, which limits the voltage and the current supplied to the lamps - that’s electrician-speak for what most people call bulbs – of fluorescent and HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs, so they don’t over-heat and burn out.

by | Jun 4, 2021

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Pretty simple, right? Well, yes, but yet, it’s not. In fact, replacing a ballast can be fairly pricey, and combined with the cost of the electrician’s visit, it may not be worth it. Plus, you have to deal with those nasty old bulbs. These days, LED lights are so well priced, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to replace a ballast when you could get a whole new fixture that will last 15, even 20 years, for a bit more money. LED bulbs may be integrated into the fixture or changeable, but it’s doubtful you will have to climb that ladder any time soon to replace them. That’s a nice thought. No-fuss. No muss. In the end, it will save you money in bulb replacements and, maybe even a sprained ankle.

The variety of LED lights we can supply these days is so vast it’s actually tough to make choices. But let’s put it this way. If you have a light that needs replacing, there is an LED version available. And beyond that, there are more types of LED lights, because the technology enables a broader variety of installations. Here’s an example:

You have fluorescent under-cabinet lights using tubes that have to be replaced. These lights come in various lengths and are usually installed with spaces in between each fixture and connected with wires. Like this:

___________ _____________________ _______________

There are spaces where light is not emitted and wires tacked up to the cabinet. 

Sometimes it’s nice to have spaces between lights, like with puck lights, which send a beam of light downward. Ah! Ambiance! But have you ever heard of LED Tape Lights? 

LED Tape Lights literally look like tape with tiny LED lights attached to them. These can be installed in so many places besides under cabinets, but when they are, they look lovely and basically send light along the width of whole cabinets, with small corner or angle connectors should there be a turn. Some can even be dimmed with the right LED driver.

We’ve installed them on top of cabinets, under bulkheads, on top of bulkheads, etc. There are interior and exterior versions, too, so they can be used as garden lighting, installed on your house trim, or on your pergola. So many options. LED tape, LED pucks, LED this, LED that. 

Why not call us for more ideas or info or request an estimate? See the Contact Us info at the bottom of this post to get started. We’ll be happy to work with you on your many, many options.

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