Do I Need to Replace My Obsolete StabLok Electrical Panels and Breakers?

This question comes up on occasion when the owner of a StabLok panel needs a breaker, but can’t find one anywhere on Earth, except on Amazon and they want a small fortune for one small breaker.

by | Jun 4, 2021

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The StabLok owner looks in all the familiar places and then they call us. “Hey, got any StabLok breakers?” Like I’m their dealer or something. I’m like, “No, sorry, dude.” The truth is we usually do have some, but we keep them for our customers we provide service to. We are a service company after all, not a dealer for electrical supplies. Well, not yet anyway. 

Anyway, back to replacing your StabLok panel. Again, the easy answer is “Maybe.” It just kind of depends on a few things, like:

  • The age of the panel
  • The condition of the panel
  • Whether the panel is causing problems
  • Your tolerance level for electrical problems or loss of power
  • Your bank statement balance
  • And many other and various things.

We suggest you read our post called My Electrical Panel Is Quite Old. Do I Need to Replace It?.

Once you’ve decided, give us a dingle. We’ll be happy to come out and have a look and provide you with an estimate. For contact info, scroll down.

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