Why Do I Have to Replace My Electrical Panel When I Upgrade My Service?

Your electrical panel is rated for a certain amount of power or amperage, so when you find you need an upgrade to your power supplied, there are two potential ways of approaching this.

by | Jun 4, 2021

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Approach One – Your existing panel will be completely removed and replaced with a new larger size panel for the upgraded service amperage. 

This first approach is the costlier one, because it takes more time, but will be recommended or may even be required if your existing panel is old, with breakers that are failing or are considered unsafe. It may also be recommended if you have an obsolete panel type with breakers that are hard to come by, making it hard to repair in the future should you have problems.

Approach Two – Your existing panel will be kept in place and used as a sub-panel, and a new main electrical panel will be added with the main breaker to match the new service amperage.

This second approach is less expensive and will be recommended if your panel is in good working order. 

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