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The Rotary Club of the Comox Valley is an inclusive group of service-minded leaders who are dedicated to improving the quality of life locally and internationally. We are guided by a strong commitment to integrity, good will, and fellowship and to inspiring the same in others.

by | Jun 18, 2021

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The Rotary Club of Comox Valley is a grass-roots service organization who partners with innovative community groups to benefit the most vulnerable among us. We love to connect, have fun, and make a tangible difference in our community. We focus on improving the lives of people at risk, children, and being responsible stewards of the environment.

The Rotary Club of Comox Valley (CVRC) is not your parents’ Rotary club. We’re putting a new spin on Rotary—keeping the valued vision, values and mission—and formatting it in a way that is more meaningful to a new demographic of Rotarians, meaning more people can do more good, more often, in a way that fits their schedule. Take a visit to CVRC’s website for more information and to stay in touch with what’s happening, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

To learn more about how Barr Electric is involved too, check out our Yes, We Can! blog.

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