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We are so excited to see the We Can we wired in place at Maple Pool. With two days to occupancy volunteers are working hard to get the covered deck done. So proud to be part of this important project.

by | May 28, 2021

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The We Can Shelter project was created to help people living in Maple Pool get into more permanent, safe, and affordable homes. Comox Rotary Club and the Dawn to Dawn Action on Homelessness Society teamed up to help those who are most in need.

The homes are made with 8′ x 20′ shipping containers and include a 3 piece bathroom, kitchen, storage area, and sitting room, that also serves as the bedroom. Some of the homes now also have covered decks, which expand the living area for the residents quite significantly, and enable them to enjoy the outdoors.

As a member of the Rotary Club of Comox Valley, Thea heard about this project during a presentation given to the Club by Charlene Davis back in 2019. At the time, the project was lacking funds to buy materials to continue building the fourth home. The walls were all built, but it needed to be wired for a 30amp service, supplied like an RV via a plug. Thea knew she could help.

Thea connected with Charlene and her son, Patrick Davis, Project Manager with Simba Investments, who have been working together to make this amazing vision and initiative a reality. Her offer of help was gladly taken, so Thea booked electricians Dan and Marek to head to Simba Investments, who generously provide the building site, to do the rough-in electrical for the 4th We Can. This home is now located at Maple Pool with a very happy resident, along with We Can No. 5, which Barr Electric wired as well. Since then, the Rotary Club of Comox Valley has jumped on board to help too, offering funds as well as volunteers, who are pictured above building the covered deck on unit 5. The Club is all set to work on We Can No. 6, too, including funding material purchases and providing much needed volunteers to build the interior and later, the deck. Barr Electric has already committed to providing labour and materials for No. 6 as well.

The We Can Shelter project has built 5 homes in Maple Pool, all through the voluntary efforts of Charlene, Patrick, and all the other people who have provided their time and services free of charge. There are more units to come and soon we will be starting on the 6th home. For more information about the project, visit @wecanshelter on Facebook.

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Proud to be a part of Rotary

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