Talking Generators? – Backup!!

There is a lot of talk in the Comox Valley these days about the need for backup generators. “Winter is predicted to be hard this year. Do I need a backup generator?” “The winds in the Valley cause so many outages. Do I need a backup generator??

by | Jun 4, 2021

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Whether you need a backup generator or not depends on you. So, let’s back up. Get it? Back up?

Ask yourself these questions. What are you willing to put up with during an outage? Do you have alternate heat sources in your home? How long do outages usually last? Do you work at home and need wi-fi? Do you have easy access to an alternate power source, such as gas or propane? Do you have a need to store tremendous quantities of frozen meat in your freezer?

The answers to these questions will help you decide. Here are few timbits (cute, huh?) to help you understand how backup generators work.

Backup generators can be connected to your electrical panel without too much trouble. It’s not cheap, but we’ve completed several in the Comox Valley, just the same. But there may be a bit of a misconception that needs to be cleared up about backup power systems. Here it is:

Rarely, do people use backup generators to power their whole home during an outage.

Unless they are as rich as you know who. 

This is usually related to the cost of the generator you’d need to power a whole home and the expense of installing one. Most people opt for smaller backup systems. These systems provide backup power for essential circuits, like, fridge, freezer, a heater or two, and a few lights. This is the case for generators with a 30amp outlet. Larger generators would be able to do a bit more.  

So, if after much thought and teeth-gnashing you have decided you simply must connect your backup generator to your home’s power system, give us a call. We can provide a rough estimate based on other jobs we’ve done, or if you’d like us to do a site visit, we can do that too.

See our contact info below!!!!!

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