Our Rates and Typical Project Cost Ranges

Information about our hourly rates, labour costs and typical project cost ranges.

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Hourly Labour Rates

Service Call (Minimum Charge)


2nd to 4th Hour


Over 4 Hours


Contractor Rates

Call for our rate!

24 Hour Emergency Service or After Hours Service


Daytime (9am-5pm)

1.5 x regular rate


Nighttime (5:01pm to 8:59am)

2 x regular rate



Every job is so different!

Call for a site visit and quote!



Permit costs are dependent on the value of your overall project.

When a permit is required, our charges will include the permit, administration, and the required inspection services.

New Services

Adding a Service

Cost is Dependent on Amperage

Service Upgrades

60, 100, or 125 to 200amps

Call for a site visit and estimate

200 to 400amps

Call for a site visit and estimate!

Labour Cost Ranges


Typical Projects

These labour cost ranges are intended to give customers a rough idea of the cost of a project, not the actual cost.

Remove & Replace

Light Fixtures

$110 to $155

Ceiling Fan

$190 to $280

Standard Switch with Dimmer


Standard Receptacle with GFCI


Bathroom Fan

$195 to $280

Basic Range Hood

$155 to $195

Baseboard Heater

$110 to $155

Additions (permit required)

Standard receptacle/light fixture

$110 to $280

Kitchen Island Receptacle

$280 to $430

Ceiling Fan

$280 to $430

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