24 Hour Emergency Service

When you need emergency service, whether after hours, on the weekends, and even on holidays, Barr Electric is commited to being there to help.

by | May 13, 2021

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Sometimes the unexpected happens. Your power goes off entirely, part of your home is without power, or your lights are flickering or dimming all by themselves.

Power outages are considered emergencies, no matter what time of day. Most of the time when this occurs it’s the result of a BC Hydro outage. That’s easy to figure out, because, of course, in that case, your neighbours won’t have power either. But if your neighbours do have power, this means there’s something amiss with your service.

Partial Outages and Flickering or Dimming Lights

If your lights are flickering and power is only out in part of your home, your first step is to check on your breaker panel to see if any breakers have tripped. If the breakers are all in the on position, this could mean the power supply lines connected to your home are loose or have somehow become disconnected. This happens a lot with overhead services in the winter when the winds cause the lines to swing. Your second step is to call BC Hydro’s trouble line.  BC Hydro will come to repair the service as soon as possible, usually with hours.

Full Home Outages

If your home has no power, but your neighbours do, this may mean you have need for an emergency repair. In this case, you will want to call Barr Electric. We can usually get to you within a couple of hours to help determine what the problem is. Once we do that, we will  discuss the problem with you and what will be needed to repair it. Then, we will handle those repairs as a first priority, working with BC Hydro if necessary, and get the job done.

If this happens during a weekday, you are lucky, because most of the work can likely be done during regular business hours. You may require some overtime work, too, but it depends on the complexity of the problem.

But if this happens at night, on the weekend, or on a holiday, overtime rates will apply to the work, but the important thing is we can be there, because we know that’s important to you, and quick response can help prevent further damages, such as frozen foods defrosting, or noses and toeses freezing from the cold.

Here is a breakdown of our 24-Hour Service Rates:

  • Before or After Regular Work Hours (9am-5pm weekdays) – 1.5 times regular rate
  • Weekends During Daytime (9am-5pm) – 1.5 times regular rate
  • Weekends Before 9am and after 5pm & Statutory Holidays – 2 times regular rate

We will work with you to help you reduce the overall cost. For example, freezers and refrigerators can usually keep food cold and frozen for several hours, so, while time is of the essence, there is some flexibility we can work with. Or, we might suggest you ask your neighbours for help to supply some power temporarily, using a long extension cord so you can plug in heaters or fridges and freezers.  Some people will do that and they will also stay at a friend or relative’s home while we are working. Any way we can get the work done at the least expense for you works for us.

So, whenever you need our help, trust that we will do our best to help make your outage as painless as possible.

Contact info below. You know what to do.

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